Catskills Camp

What happens if my camper takes ill or is injured?


The camp leadership takes the health and safety of every camper seriously.  Ensuring your camper returns home healthy and injury-free is a priority.  The camp makes a great effort and takes appropriate precautions to protect your camper from accidental injury and illness.  The camp is also well-prepared to manage emergencies, should they occur.

During operational Periods, a full-time registered nurse is on-call to respond to emergencies and treat minor illnesses.  The nurse station, housed in the Lake House ("Ezermāja") is properly equipped with basic first aid materials.

Select camp counselors and leaders are trained in CPR, choking and other first aid response actions.

In the event of an injury or illness deemed to be beyond the capabilities of the camp, the Town of Hunter emergency services are summoned.  The nurse or senior camp counselor accompanies and remains with an injured or ill camper during any visit to the emergency room or hospital.

As highlighted on the registration page, no camper will be allowed to attend camp without a completed health form.  Managing your camper"s health begins with this important step, so please make sure this form accompanies each camper"s registration.

The point of contact identified in the registration application for every camper will be contacted as soon as possible regarding any incident, injury or illness.

Emergency services can be summoned to the camp by dialing:  911

Town of Hunter Hospital Telephone Number:  518-589-6095 or 518-589-6151, ext. 315. 

Camp Administration"s General Number:  518-589-6055