Catskills Camp

What happens upon arrival at camp?

Instructions for campers and parents upon arrival at camp:

At the start of each camp session, campers are expected to arrive in camp on Sunday between 2:00 and 4:00 PM. 

Upon arrival, parents are asked to drive directly to the car parking lot:  drive past the main entrance to the camp, cross the small bridge, and make a left into the parking lot entrance.  Campers are requested to unload their camping provisions (luggage, etc.) in the parking lot and leave these items in the capable hands of camp"s acting "bellmen" ("saimniekpuiši").  Please do take along a small duffle bag or personal item that can be used to reserve a bunk in your camper"s respective cabin AFTER registration is complete.  

Registration takes place on the porch of the new mess hall.  Parents can expect their campers to undergo camp physicals, where a registered nurse will review the completed and MD signed medical form, measure the camper"s temperature, perform a throat exam and check for head lice.  At this time parents have the opportunity to discuss any medical pre-conditions or concerns, as well as provide any necessary prescription medicines your camper may require to the nurse.  After the exam your camper will be issued an official camp t-shirt and parents will be asked to settle any remaining administrative affairs.  At this time your camper will be advised of their cabin for the upcoming camp session and you will be encouraged to proceed to the cabin to reserve a bunk.  Should parents or campers have any questions, the camp administrators and counselors will be on hand to answer them.

Your luggage will be transported from the parking lot with care to the cabin area by the camp"s "bellmen", where they will proceed to gently set the luggage down on the road in front of your camper"s respective cabin.  Campers are asked NOT to move into their cabin"s prior to fully completing registration!