What do we do?
Winterizing the camp and maintenance. We will cut down sick/dead trees, trim branches, clear debris, paint where needed, do general Nometne clean-up, pull out the floating dock, etc.

When? Saturday, June 15, 2024

How do I sign up? Click here to use our Google sign-up form. 

Where do we meet? Zarina zale (aka edamzale, mess hall) starting at 10am

What to bring along? Carpenter tools, Gardening tools, chain saws, work  gloves, etc. Tools will also be available on-site.

Accommodations? Rooms  katskiluistabas@gmail.com
Atputas Nams are available at $15 per person for the weekend. Reserve your room by contacting

Food? Lunch, dinner, and breakfast will be provided for volunteers.

Evening activities? Campfire!