Volunteer Weekend TALKA

Līgo saule, līgo bite
Pa lielo tīrumiņu,
Saule sienu kaltēdama,
Bite ziedus lasīdama.
t. dz

What do we do?
We have a long task list! This is our final push to get Camp ready for the season. Tasks include painting, gardening, tree trimming, etc, etc...

When? June 10, 2023

How do I sign up? Click here to use our Google sign-up form. 

Where do we meet? Zarina zale (aka edamzale, mess hall).

What to bring along? Carpenter tools, Gardening tools, chain saws, work  gloves, etc. Tools will also be available on-site.

Accommodations? Free accommodations are available in the cabins, viesu māja (green house) and dārzu māja (white house). You must bring your sleeping bag and towel. Regular price accommodations are available in Atputas nams and Ezeru māja by contacting katskiluistabas@gmail.com

Food? Lunch, dinner, and breakfast will be provided for volunteers.

Evening activities? Ligo campfire, ligo songs, and good company!