How can YOU support and contribute to the camp? 

Since the New York Latvian Ev. Luth. congregation's historical decision in 1956 to acquire a property in the Catskill mountains for the purposes of establishing a summer camp for children, the endeavor has enjoyed passionate support, with many individuals and organizations donating necessary funds and volunteering their time and energy to realize the camp we enjoy today.

Looking back at the camp's history, the enthusiasm with which the congregation approached this project becomes readily apparent.  Almost all of the cabins and buildings were constructed by teams of individuals volunteering their time and energy, and in many cases even donating the necessary construction materials.  Many Latvian organizations (notably a few Latvian fraternities and sororities and the 'Daugavas Vanagi') also supported the endeavor making considerable donations and coordinating volunteer efforts.

The need for this type of support continues today. The Camp in the Catskills remains not only one of the New York congregation's most valuable assets, it is also important to the broader Latvian diaspora.  It is used by not only congregants, but the Latvian community at large.  The camp continues to be a place where Latvians from all over continue to gather, work, raise children, celebrate, play sports, learn, play music, practice fine arts and otherwise sustain the Latvian society abroad.  Maintaining this asset is not easy - it requires significant time, effort and funds.  Anyone who has ever enjoyed the natural beauty and bountiful experiences of the camp is responsible for the stewardship of this asset, so that future generations may continue to enjoy everything it has to offer! 

We are asking for YOUR support!

How can YOU support the camp?  This can be readily done by donating labor or much needed capital.


In 2011 the congregation completed one of the most ambitious capital investment projects in the camps recent history - the construction of a new mess hall.  This project was financed in part by vigorous fund-raising initiatives that continue today, as well as by assuming a mortgage.  It should be noted that the family of Pastor Richard Zarins made a considerable donation to this project and in turn the congregation elected to name the new mess hall in his name, honoring his long-standing contributions to the New York Latvian congregation as one of its spiritual leaders.

In order to service the mortgage commitment for this now completed project, it is important that the congregation continues to receive your financial donations and support.  The congregation appreciates and recognizes even the smallest donations.  Please click on the link provided below and make a donation today!  The link will take you the congregations home page, where donations can be readily made on-line using a credit card. 

Congregants are also graciously asked to consider the camp in their wills and testaments.  These larger donations are highly valued and appreciated and help the camp meet the needs of the larger, more significant capital projects that are required to ensure the camp retains its value and is well-suited to serve future generations.

Please click here to make a donation.


Annual and routine maintenance needs at the camp are typically met by individuals and organizations volunteering their time and energy.  Each Spring, prior to the start of the camping season, many Latvian organizations coordinate volunteer efforts at the camp.  We encourage everyone to join in these efforts.  Your volunteerism is always recognized and greatly appreciated! 

The main volunteer weekend is generally scheduled in early June. Details will be made available on this site as well as on the Nometne social media platforms.


Lending a hand to those less fortunate - send a camper to camp!

Due to the difficult economic climate, the congregation has received numerous requests for financial support to send a camper to camp this year.  The families seeking this support are experiencing financial hardship and are not able to afford the full cost of camp for their child or children.  Unfortunately, the congregation is also not in a financially viable position to be able to respond to all of these requests. 

As you register your campers, we are asking that you consider making a donation (even a small one would help) for this specific purpose.  It would be a welcome gift to those families in need and more importantly, it would be rewarding to know that every child that hopes to attend camp this summer is able to do so! 

Our sincerest thanks to YOU for your contributions and support!