Health Forms


Please note that Īkšķīši campers do not need medical forms, as they are in the care of their parents during camp. This year we are strongly recommending that all caregivers who attend Īkšķīši be vaccinated against COVID-19. Further information to come.


All campers are required to submit all fully executed health forms.

Please use this link to submit all required camp health forms.

This helps us speed up the registration process when you arrive. 

Please also bring a hard copy with you to registration.

There are 7 documents to submit. Please aim have your forms in by July 1 so that the nurse has time to review them before you arrive. Note that while the documents are fillable and can be completed on your desktop, they still need to be printed and signed by parent/guardian and physician.

The required forms are:

1. A completed Health Form.  

This two-page form contains information about your child's overall health; it must be signed by a board certified MD. The FIRST page must be completed and signed by the camper's parents. 

The SECOND page must be completed by your child's pediatrician. In lieu of the SECOND page, you may use the standard health form that your doctor's office can provide, generally they are available free of charge.  

2. Over-the counter Medication Form *** signed by physicial**

Please note that this form must be signed by a doctor. If a doctor does not sign the form, the camp nurse will not be able to give your child medicine of any kind (including Tylenol,Tums, cough drops, vitamins etc)

3. Immunization Record

4. Front and back of insurance card

5. Meningitis Form

6. Sunscreen and Bug Spray Permission Form

7. COVID testing consent form

PLUS an Allergy Action Plan, Asthma Action Plan, or Seizure Action Plan, if your child requires these forms.

 Click to download the required health forms