Ņujorkas draudzes nometne Katskilu kalnos

Dates for Nometne 2021 have been set and this summer’s program is currently being created.

The calendar and programming plans are based on your survey responses, where you clearly stated an interest in your children returning to camp this summer. 

From July 4 toJuly 17 there will be a two week session (1. periods) meant for campers who speak latvian proficiently and are between the ages of 7 and 15/16.

Heritage Camp will run from August 1 till August 14. This program is meant for non-Latvian speakers between the ages of 7 and 15-16.

The two weeks normally reseved for 2. periods will be our Īkšķīši weeks. Latvian language Īkšķīši will take place from July 18 till July 24, and Heritage Īkšķīši will take place from July 25 to July 31. 

Based on the survey, this summer, the Īkšķīšu weeks will run Īkšķīši as usual but will also have a parallel program for siblings of īkšķīši. Older brothers and sisters will able to experience camp with their own program while their younger siblings enjoy īkšķīši.

More details: 

  • As of mid-April, we are still awaiting guidlines and information from the New York Department of Health about the parameters we will need to meet as a summer sleep-away camp.
  • As of right now, we are planning that masks will be mandatory when indoors and social distancing will need to be upheld.
  • We believe that we will only be able to run camp at half capacity
  • We are still awaiting information if all personnel and campers will need to be vaccinated, but we are expecting that all of the camp staff will be vaccinated.
  • We expect that we will need to limit visitors to the camp grounds while camp is in session.
  • If camp needs to be canceled this summer, all payments will be refunded.

To help you better understand what the summer will look like, we will be holding informational Zoom meetings for parents on the following dates:

Sunday, April 18, 7pm  Latvian 1. periods and īkšķīši 
Sunday, April 25, 7pm Heritage camp and īkšķīši

Registration for all camp sessions will begin on Wednesday, April 21 at 8am EDT.

If you know of anyone who could help us fill the following positions please reach out to us:
  • Nurse for Heritage camp
  • Kitchen staff for Heritage camp
  • Lifeguards for all weeks

Questions or concers?
About the Latvian session: katskilu.vasaras.nometne@gmail.com
About the Heritage sessionLVHeritagecamp@gmail.com
About Latvian and Heritage Īkšķīšiinga.m.mckay@gmail.com