Ņujorkas draudzes nometne Katskilu kalnos

The camp leadership consists of a group of camp afficionados, who work in close cooperation to ensure that both the physical and emotional needs of the camper are met to our best abilities.

During every session one director  is responsible for the entire camp during that specific session: 1st and 2nd Session:  Ieva Alversone alverson.ieva@gmail.com, Valodas Periods: Elissa Millers (elissamillers@gmail.com).  Counselors have a chain of command developed specific to the session, and camp issues area addressed accordingly.  However, any questions from parents, counselors, staff and the New York State Health Department ultimately will be addressed to the director.

'Īkšķīši' ("Little Thumbs") camp sessions each have their own director and language specifications that we ask that all parents abide by when registering and attending.  The 'Īkšķīšu' directors work closely with the camp directors regarding space and programming.  Please click the Registration tab for specific information on 'Īkšķīšu' directors.

The physical plant of NOMETNE as such is overseen by the Property Committee, a group of stalwart volunteers that make sure that clean water flows freely to cabins and kitchen, and dirty water leaves the camp by proper channels; that cabins and electrical systems are sound, and consistently being improved, and that the general state of the grounds are attractive and well-maintained year round.

The Nometnes Padome, or Camp Advisory Board consists of a group of parents, pastors and past directors, who meet periodically during the year, plan the calendar and events, oversee the camp budget, and assist with hiring issues, if needed.  The Advisory Board is also intended as the sounding board for parents, if any issues arise that can not be addressed or resolved by the camp directors. The current chairperson of the Advisory Board will be Anita Batarags (abatarag@optonline.net).