Catskills Camp

Other Interesting Facts

 A few prominent songs have been written as a tribute to the camp and the camp experience -  some serious, some not so serious.
  • Poet Nikolajs Kalnins wrote a song that to this day sounds best sung in the camp’s outdoor cathedral:  “Augšā Saule Zeltaina” (the Latvian text can be found by viewing the Latvian language site).


  • Pop ensemble “Trīs no Pārdaugavas” songwriter Vilnis Baumanis composed two songs about camp and the camping experience:  “Pēteris Piparnieks” and Raccoon Ralfs” (the Latvian texts to these songs can be found by viewing the Latvian language site).


  • Rock group AKACIS recorded Maija Gobiņš song “Mājās Braucot” (“Homeward Bound”), composed after her experiences at the scout jamboree in the 1970s.


Each summer the camp published its own periodical, consisting of literary contributions from camp counselors and campers.  This tradition continues today and after each "period" (session), campers can expect to bring home their very own edition of the "Nometnes Taure" ("the Camp Bugle").  Before there was the Nometnes TAURE, there was the Nometnes STABULE (“recorder”).  An archive of a sampling of these publications can be found on this web site under the tab "Taure" - Camp Publications!