Ņujorkas draudzes nometne Katskilu kalnos

The Latest News

Summer 2021

We are thrilled to announce dates for Nometne 2021. Planning for camp is well underway, and, beginning July 4th, we plan to operate a six week camp program, modified to meet NY State Department of Health regulations. Click here for more details.

Registration for all camp sessions will begin on Wednesday, April 21, at 8am EDT. 

We have scheduled two info sessions for parents. The session about Latvian language weeks took place on Sunday, April 18, and the session for Heritage Camp families will take place on Sunday, April 25, at 7pm.

Camp Property

To book a room, please email katskiluistabas@gmail.com or call the ROTA caretaker at 518-589-9878. We're eager to welcome you to Nometne!