Catskills Camp

What food and beverages greet the campers?


  • Nutritious meals are served in the mess hall for all campers three times a day.
  • A light snack is available mid-afternoon and again prior to curfew and lights out.
  • All food is cooked on premises by an experienced staff of cooks.
  • Juice and water are available in the mess hall throughout the day.
  • Snacks and food in the camper cabins are PROHIBITED for sanitary reasons and in an effort to discourage the occasional black bear or raccoon from visiting our campers.
  • Guests are permitted to join campers in the mess hall (seated at designated guest tables).  Guests must register with the camp administration for each meal and are asked to pay a nominal fee.
  • If your camper has food allergies or special nutritional needs, you must contact the camp leadership to discuss options and special arrangements.

Typical meals include (served on a rotational basis):


  • Fruit juices and milk (low fat) are available during all meals.  Coffee and tea are available during breakfast.


  • Cereals
  • Orange Juice
  • Toast / Butter / Jam
  • Eggs
  • Pancakes
  • French Toast


  • sandwiches (turkey/ham/cheese/tomato/lettuce)
  • soups
  • roast turkey / chicken
  • hamburgers
  • grilled cheese
  • salad


  • baked ham and potatos
  • vegetables / salad
  • roast chicken / turkey
  • mashed potatos
  • pasta (lasagna, ziti, spaghetti) and sauce
  • soups


  • fresh fruit
  • pancakes and jelly
  • cookies / brownies